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La luthería es un arte difícil que necessita años de práctica. A partir de esta premisa, la finalidad de este curso-taller es llegar a construir un primer violín, con el esfuerzo y la ilusión de los alumnnos.

El taller estará estructurado a partir de varias horas de práctica, dónde se irá introduciendo la teoría mientras se adelanta con la construcción del instrumento. Va a estar limitado a un máximo de cuatro personas, dadas las limitaciones de espacio.

Durante el curso se harán las plantillas, para empezar a adquirir manualidad y familiaridad con el material y las herramientas. Se eligirá el modelo de violín deseado del que se harán las plantillas y moldes. Se construirá, se barnizará y se montará el instrumento.

Los horarios dispondran de flexibilidad, van a ir acorde con las necesidades de cada alumno.

Inicio y final del curso: setiembre 2012 – junio 2013

Sábados de 8:30 a 14h (desayuno de 9:45 a 10h)

Horas al final del mes: 22h

Horas al final del curso: 220h

Para más información, envie un correo a


To make violins is a difficult art which needs years of practice. I created a course with the purpose of constructing a first violin, with the effort and the illusion of the students.

It will be structured through different hours of practice, where the theory will be introduced while the construction progresses. In fact, there’s a limit of 4 persons because of the space limitations.

During the course you will be able to create templates, choosing the model of violin you’d like to make, create different casts for modeling all the pieces, you will construct it, varnish it and assemble it.

The timetable will be flexible, because it depends on the convenience of the pupils.

Start and end of the course: September 2012 – June 2013

Saturdays from 8:30 to 14h (breakfast from 9:45 to 10h)

Average of hours per month: 22h

Average of hours of the whole course: 220h

For further information, send us an e-mail to

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Dear costumers and friends

Finally we are happy to showcase our latest electric violin prototype.

As this was our first electric violin, it wasn’t easy creating our concept of how we invisioned the electric violin, but a challenge we accepted with open arms.

The basic idea´s we began with were:

  • A personal design but with classical characteristics, following      the general style of traditional violins
  • An accessible price for our customers.
  • An artistic handmade instrument with modern and practical      features.

The team of: Lluis clapers (Catalunya)

Declan Ryan (USA)

Dave Maguire (UK)

Daniel Pucha (Ecuador)

A team from different parts of the world and various professional backgrounds. Between the four of us we could bring many different views and opinions on how to construct this violin.

This type of violin can now be ordered through Lluis clapers, with almost any personalisation requested.

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TV Interview

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Exceptional event in the workshop-boutique

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The days juli on 8 and July 15 stook place in the workshop-boutique, a small concert for cello and piano works of Piazzola. Play Neus Redondo  the cello and piano Ana de Camargo. 

   Attended the event  including two concerts, approximately 40 people

. Those were magical moments with good music and good atmosphere.

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New Photos of the Store

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14 June

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New PHOTOS of the store

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Sorry,for my English witring

 This blog was created with the idea of ​​being a complement to the new website: More social, fun and information.

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Benvinguts / bienvenidos /Welcome

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Benvinguts / bienvenidos / Welcome

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